I think I’ve settled on an agreeable layout for the blog.

Unsure how to link blogs I follow to the side-bar though, so any input from seasoned wordpress users will be welcome!

Anyway, what do you think?

11 thoughts on “Unsure?

  1. Looks good,dear heart. My wordpress.co.uk was customised by Ronan – I can add links but have to use html, I’m sure there’s a simpler way.

  2. For Wonky-Words I had to pay to get rid of adverts, and, I think (really not sure) this was the only way I could have a sidebar.
    You can follow other wordpress blogs by simply pressing the follow button and they turn up in your wordpress reader, but I also add them to my Feedly blog reader so everything is in one place.

  3. John, It’s very easy; has to be as I can do it! Go to dashboard and on the left hand side click on links and then all links. Click on Add Link and then fill out the boxes as indicated. A cool extra is describing blogs which can be read by hovering over the link. Any more info needed just say.

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