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Pub news.

Good day yesterday for Mothering Sunday! A mere 194 lunches served!

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Me and Faye.

Me and Faye.

Faye, my youngest cousins eldest!

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Joke Tuesday!

Of course I love ya darlin 
You’re a bloody top-notch bird  
And when I say you’re gorgeous 
I mean every single word 

So ya bum is on the big side 
I don’t mind a bit of flab  
It means that when I’m ready 
There’s somethin’ there to grab 

So your belly isn’t flat no more 
I tell ya, I don’t care  
So long as when I cuddle ya 
I can get my arms round there 

No Sheila who is your age 
Has nice round perky breasts  
They just gave in to gravity 
But I know ya did ya best 

I’m tellin’ ya the truth now 
I never tell ya lies 
I  think it’s very sexy 
That you’ve got dimples on ya thighs 

I swear on me nanna’s grave now 
The moment that we met  
I thought you was as good as 
I was ever gonna get  

No matter what u look like 
I’ll always love ya dear 
Now  shut up while the cricket’s on 
And fetch another  beer

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Home news!

I am just about to start wading  through some old family photos, 100’s of them! I may be some time!!

Help required!

Could someone on blogger search for “cogidubnus”? He was a regular reader of the old blog,and has posted on it that he’s worried that I haven’t posted a joke last Tuesday. I can’t get in touch, as he has no contact points on his blog! Is this mission impossible?

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I think I’ve settled on an agreeable layout for the blog.

Unsure how to link blogs I follow to the side-bar though, so any input from seasoned wordpress users will be welcome!

Anyway, what do you think?